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Sunday 26 May 2024
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HKU Student Learning Experience Questionnaire


The responses and information provided in this survey, and your personal particulars and curriculum information in the Student Information System (including University ID, nationality, enrolled curriculum etc.) will be used to generate statistics and reports for analysis and research. Your identity will be kept confidential and the reports will not carry any personal details. The collected data will be in electronic form, password protected and stored in a hard disk with access control only to authorised users. For research purposes, the data collected will be matched across years, anonymised, and retained indefinitely. The data may also be transferred to third parties engaged by the University to assist in undertaking the work of analysis, research, and producing statistics and reports.
The Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and the data protection principles will be strictly complied with. For the University’s Privacy Policy Statement, please access: http://hku.hk/about/policies_reports/privacy_policy.html. This survey has been reviewed and approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) of the University of Hong Kong (ref. no.: EA230150). If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the survey administrator (Telephone: 3917-4787; E-mail: surveytl@hku.hk; Address: Rm MB116, Main Building, The University of Hong Kong). If you wish to find about more about the HREC, please call 2241-5267.


I’m tired of filling out surveys! Why should I do this one?
The SLEQ is an essential source for quality assurance and enhancement of teaching and learning at the University, and the findings are discussed with Deans, Associate Deans and Programme Directors who take student comments seriously and are keen to improve your learning experiences.
Will my feedback affect my grade in certain courses?
No. Your personal identity will be kept confidential and the reports will not carry any identifying details. The SLEQ is a university-wide survey collecting student feedback about experience of the degree curriculum as a whole, and the SLEQ data are not linked to individual courses.
Are my responses confidential?
Yes. Any questions you answer on the SLEQ are kept strictly confidential. The SLEQ takes privacy seriously, and the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance is strictly complied with.
Can I fill out the survey on my phone or iPad?
Yes. The SLEQ can be filled out using any electronic device.
How can participating in the SLEQ help me and other students?
The SLEQ is a channel to share your feedback with the University. Your feedback is a crucial part of bringing about positive change to teaching and learning, and enhancing the quality of learning experience for all students. You can learn more about how the SLEQ data are used in your programme by contacting your Faculty/Department.
Which topics are included in SLEQ?
Different from the Student Feedback on Teaching and Learning (SFTL), SLEQ is a programme-level survey with a focus on your experience of the degree curriculum as a whole. It offers a channel for you to share your perspective on various aspects of your university learning experience, including both in-classroom and off-campus experience, such as teaching and learning environment, experiential learning, academic advising, Common Core curriculum, and others related to overall learning experience.
How are SLEQ results disseminated?
The survey findings are analysed and fed back to individual Faculties or programmes. Discussions are held with Deans, Associate Deans, programme directors and relevant staff members to address issues arising from the findings for the purpose of monitoring and renewing curriculum design and pedagogy. SLEQ takes data privacy very seriously, and your personal identifiers will not be attached to the reports in any way. You can learn more about how students can access results by contacting your Faculty/Department.
Are there other ways to share feedback?
When you take the SLEQ, we encourage you to fill out the open-ended comments section. As a gentle reminder, we welcome constructive critical feedback that is geared towards helping the University to improve. However, there is no place for comments of an aggressive or vindictive nature, nor for a tone that is less than civil and respectful. If you have comments of a personal nature that you feel compelled to make about individual teachers, these are better discussed directly with the teachers concerned. Alternatively, if you feel uncomfortable about doing this, you can always take the matter up with the relevant course leader, programme leader or head of department, who will deal with the matter in a fair and even-handed manner.

T&LEMU also conducts topic-specific focus groups where necessary to hear more about student learning experiences. The opinions collected in focus groups, together with all comments received, are important sources for the University. Student voices play an integral role in enhancing the curriculum and improving the learning environment at the University.

What if I am interested to learn more about SLEQ and evidence based support to teaching and learning enhancement at HKU?
You may visit https://da.talic.hku.hk/sleq/ for details of SLEQ and https://da.talic.hku.hk/survey-portfolio/ for more scientific background on survey development and validation.