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Sunday 26 May 2024
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What is HKU TALIC Digital Solution?

In an era full of learning technologies, how could teachers respond to students’ needs for immersive personalized learning and engaging peer collaboration?
TALIC offers consultations and small-scale pilot development to help teachers implement digital learning solutions. Our consultation services focus on helping teachers identify their specific teaching needs and potential development, as well as providing suggestions for tailor-made e-learning solutions. Solutions could include AIs, virtual reality, cloud-based e-learning tools, and other digital elements that can help bring complex concepts to life and promote a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Scope of consultation service

General T&L engagement/interactive/communicative activities

  • Advise on designing engaging and interactive learning through technologies
  • Response to inquiries on functions of e-learning tools, including but not limited to:
    • Learning management system (Moodle, OpenEdx, Vox, etc.)
    • Video / Audio production tools (ClipChamp, Audacity, Reaper, CapCut, etc.)
    • Infographic design tools (Canva, Adobe Express, etc.)
    • Collaborative learning tool (Miro, Padlet, etc.)
    • Interactive design tool (Genially, H5P, etc.)
Tools for specific pedagogic purpose and learning methodology

  • Identify suitable tools for specific course needs and pedagogic activities
Customized template design for your teaching and learning design
The followings are some examples:

  • Design Miro templates for collaborative learning (i.e. student projects, group work)
  • Design Notion templates for supporting adaptive learning and student agency (i.e. managing the informal learning experiences of students)
Learning system advisory

  • Advise on developing e-learning systems in HKU
    • Video Vox 1/2
    • Peer Evaluation Platform
    • CLC Mandarin Learning Platform
AI technology support

  • Advise on adopting AIs for personalized feedback
AR/VT technology support

  • Support teachers adopt virtual reality technologies in classes
    • Device loan service
    • Classroom Support and best practices sharing

Process of the Consultation

  1. Reach out to TALIC colleagues through WhatsApp/online booking system/university emails/telephone booking to arrange a suitable time for discussions.
  2. Assess the development needs and generate potential solution ideas during the meeting
  3. Perform a feasibility study by TALIC colleagues on the proposed solutions.
  4. Offer guidance to teachers on how to move forward with the development of digital solutions:
    a. Create templates or prototypes that teachers can easily modify and adapt.
    b. Assist teachers in preparing a teaching development grant or securing other funding sources for further development.
    c. Coaching staff for further development
  5. Provide ongoing consultations and support throughout the development process.
We hope these ideas inspire you to come up with innovative concepts. Feel free to bring them to us, and we can help turn them into reality.


Teachers of UG or RPG courses can contact us via WhatsApp, the online booking system or emails, and we can schedule a time for discussions. However, due to capacity constraints, we cannot support the development of mobile apps or digital solutions for non-educational purposes.
WhatsApp https://wa.me/+85264378034
Dr Leon Lei culei@hku.hk
Dr Carson Hung carsonks@hku.hk